DTP Supplies Brochure: Eyelets and More

Sign Making

Hinge Handle

Measure and drill holes

They simply screw on to any graphics panels using a hinge and a handle combined. At 30cm and 40cm wide, they can be used for any size panel up to 841mm. For internal or external use, they are reuseable as many times as you wish and with a different graphic on the back, they can even be used in reverse, giving you two A boards for the price of one. Suitable for use with a wide variety of materials including mdf, plywood, foamex or acrylic. A foot is also available to lift your A board off the floor. Suitable for material thicknesses between 12mm and 15mm. With our new Hinge Handles you can make up an A board in minutes.

Press in fastener

Screw on Hinge Handle

Repeat on second panel




The new SignLink™ allows swift hanging of solid signs onto all sizes of chain link fencing. This inexpensive and re-usable assembly is made from 33% glass filled nylon and is threaded in the centre for an 8mm bolt (supplied with the SignLink™). The SignLink™ is a non-rust product that ensures a strong and reliable method of sign attachment.

To assemble, drill the sign in each place a fixing is required, hold the sign against the fence with SignLink™ on the opposite side of the fence, push the bolt through the hole and tighten. When the sign is no longer required SignLink™ can be re-used. Quick, easy and efficient.


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