DTP Supplies Brochure: Eyelets and More

Banna Bungees The Easy Way to Hang Banners

Banna Bungees Banna Bungees are fast and convenient. They hold banners, posters and exhibition materials safely and securely without damage to backing boards or walls. They hook into eyelets or Holdons™ (ask our sales department

about Holdons™) , and can be used inside or outside. Available in black or white and in 15cm or 25cm sizes, Banna Bungees are an essential part of any fixing kit. Our range now includes the fabulous Double Hook Bungee for even more secure fixing.

Stormfix Ultra Secure Banner Fixing

l A super strong banner fixing tested to 100Kgs. l StormFix allows the banner to be tensioned VERY close to the frame or tube. l High quality 8mm multi core bungee with high tenacity PP braiding. l Bungee available in black, white or silver. l End pieces available in black white or silver. l StormFix means less possibility of fraying of bungee and no corrosion at the point of fastening. l StormFix can be pre-inserted into eyelets for fast mounting of banners. l RESULT: A fast, extremely strong method of fastening banners to frames or tubing. StormFix is made from high quality 8mm braided multi core bungee. For a fast and secure way of fitting banners into frames, give StormFix a try, you will not be disappointed! The StormFix fastener is a new and incredibly strong method of fixing banners to frames.

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To any size!

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