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Metal Fasteners A versatile, heavy duty snap fastener. They are ideal where a secure quick release fixing is called for. Available in two sizes and a variety of cap diameters, they have uses in industrial applications, medical and fashion amongst many others. Both sizes are available made from brass and stainless steel. The larger version is also available made from steel where a more cost effective fastener is required. The larger size is also available as a security fastener

where the cap must be pulled at a certain point to release the fastener. Finishes available include brass, nickel, oxy black and antique brass. Special finishes can also be specified as can dyeable nylon topped caps. See our machinery section for full details of setting equipment.





Ring Spring Press-Fasteners Large Ring Spring Cap Size Cap Diameter

Stem Length Materials 4.00mm/0.157" Stainless Steel

405XA 405XD 405XC 405XF Socket

15.00mm/0.590" 15.00mm/0.590" 15.00mm/0.590" 15.00mm/0.590" 9.65mm Spring

5.50mm/0.216" Brass, Steel and Stainless Steel 6.90mm/0.272" Brass and Stainless Steel

10.60mm/0.417" Brass

Brass, Steel and Stainless Steel

Eyelet Size Stem Length 405X Short 4.50mm/0.177"


Stainless Steel


5.00mm/0.197" 7.50mm/0.295" 9.50mm/0.375"

Brass, Steel and Stainless Steel

405X 9/8.5 405X 9/11

Brass and Stainless Steel


Brass and Stainless Steel Stock finishes are clean, nickel plate, oxy black and antique brass

406X/20L 406X/24L Socket



405X Stud with Screw Special Studs Hard Action Stud

SP100 Press-Fastener These 15mm (24L) diameter acetal fasteners are completely compatible with the 405X and YKK’s SNAD ® fasteners. Components from each range can be mixed for the most suitable fastener combination. The SP100 is water resistant and will not corrode. They are manufactured from a lightweight plastic that is UV resistant and 100% pigmented. Use them where a quiet, non-rattling finish is required or where plastic is more suitable than metal e.g. no potential sparking.

Stainless Steel 405X Stud with Screw Screw Length 10mm/0.394” Stainless Steel Screw Length 16mm/0.630” Stainless Steel Small Ring Spring Cap Size Cap Diameter Stem Length Materials 406X/20L 12.70mm/0.500"

3.60mm/0.142" Brass and Stainless Steel


15.00mm/0.590" 12.70mm/0.500" 9.65mm Spring

3.60mm/0.142" Brass

406XE Socket

6.50mm/0.256" Stainless Steel

Brass and Stainless Steel Brass and Stainless Steel


Eyelet Size Stem Length




Brass and Stainless Steel

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