DTP Supplies Brochure: Eyelets and More


Sail & Grommet Eyelet Machines

Hand Closing Tools We can supply Hand Closing Tools suitable for all of the eyelets we stock. A two part die set, they close the eyelet using a hammer and are ideal for one-offs, prototypes and short run applications.

Please contact us on 01706 368534 for details of our full range.

Press ‘n’ Snap Our new Press’n’Snap , heavy duty, pliers are a fantastic solution for on site repairs using a variety of fasteners. With the right dies the Press’n’Snap pliers can set eyelets with internal diameter up to 11.00mm, industrial press fasteners, rivets and clips. Press’n’Snap pliers are extremely strong and due to their unique design, very easy to use even when setting relatively large components. The Press’n’Snap tool also allows you to fit fasteners into large material sheets where hammer tools or traditional foot presses are not suitable.

For repairs to boat covers, banners and a huge variety of other uses the Press’n’Snap are a truly versatile, must have tool.

Specification Length

310mm 137mm 25mm

Width Depth Weight


Throat Depth 82mm Maximum Eyelet Size 26 Sail

Tel: 01706 368534 Email: sales@dtpsupplies.com Web: www.dtpsupplies.com 54

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