DTP Supplies Brochure: Eyelets and More


Sail & Grommet Eyelet Machines

M1 The M1 machine is a semi automatic machine which feeds an eyelet by means of a hopper fed raceway. The machine punches a hole and sets the eyelet in one operation. If a washer is used this is placed by hand. The M1 machine is available in manual, electric or pneumatic versions. The powered versions of the machine are supplied with all necessary safety guarding.

It is suitable for eyelet sizes with a hole diameter of up to 9mm when closed (size 24 Sail and No 0 Grommet). The machine can also be supplied with different feed equipment which is quick and easy to change making the machine extremely versatile.

A non punching version is also available where the hole in the application is preformed.

Specification Height


Weight (inc Bench)


Throat Depth Power Supply


Electric (220V Single Phase) Pneumatic (6 bar plus 220V Single Phase)

M2 The M2 machine is a dual feed, fully automatic machine which automatically punches a hole and inserts the eyelet and washer to complete the entire fastening in one operation. Eyelets and washers are fed automatically by means of hopper fed raceways. The washer is positively positioned by a slide at the bottom of the washer raceway. The machine can also be supplied set to insert press fasteners (two machines required), jeans buttons,

rivets with washers and double tubular rivets.

This machine is tremendously robust and reliable, capable of setting eyelets with a hole diameter of up to 9mm when closed (size 24 Sail or No 0 Grommet). The standard M2 machine has a working (throat) depth of 85mm but it can also be supplied with throat depth of 185mm.

The machine is supplied table mounted.

Specification Height


Weight (inc bench)


Throat Depth Power Supply


Electric (220V single or 380V 3 phase) Pneumatic (6 bar)

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